A Message from the General Manager

Greetings from WVPT

I hope you and your family are enjoying springtime in the valley and in Charlottesville. We are truly blessed to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. This month, I wanted to update you on something we are all very excited about here at WVPT. We've been very busy this past month with the Dream initiative and are in FULL SWING working with our friends at KCPT who helped fund the project. The next time you visit WVPT you will most certainly see our White Picket Fence Posts -- the symbol of the American Dream according to millions of 20th Century Americans, and singer/songwriter John Cougar Mellencamp. While you're here, ask for your very own dream card. The Card - is THE means by which OUR community can share their dreams off camera -- or on camera for that matter, if you are willing. The project is simple -- what is YOUR "re-newed" American Dream ... your 'Re-Dream' for you, your community and beyond. It's changed a lot since the idealized 1950s ... and we are fascinated by how people are making their way in today's 'Re-Dream' world. If you can't make it by the station, drop us an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Thanks to everyone who is willing to share your DREAM with WVPT. It is making for a very interesting story that we can't wait to tell everyone...so stay tuned to WVPT on air, on line, and in the community.

Come share your Dream and join us for our last Dream Party event at Harrisonburg's First Friday celebration on May 6, in the Friendly City Food Co-op patio from 5pm to 7:30pm.  This event is in partnership with the Arts Council of the Valley and the Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance.
I also wanted to let you know that The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences recently announced the nominees for the 43rd Annual Daytime Emmy Entertainment Awards. WVPT - PBS and PBS KIDS programs received 44 Daytime Emmy┬« Award nominations, with a combined total of 58 nominations for Public Media. WVPT-PBS was also recognized by the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences' Webby Awards. Again this year, PBS, producers and local stations earned a combined 10 nominations, with an additional 13 honorees recognized for outstanding work. Collectively, this is tremendous recognition of the work we do to provide distinctive quality content across all distribution platforms. I'd like to publicly thank all of the producers and collaborators who have helped WVPT, PBS, and Public Media in general earn this recognition. To be sure you can easily find all the wonderful programs this month on WVPT and our twenty four hour ON DEMAND web channel, WVPT dot net, click for the specials and highlights this month.

Enjoy the show!