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(Director's Cut Edition)
(May 2008)
Running Time: 1 hour 45 minutes

The facets of her art and the seasons of her life are captured in this special documentary P. BUCKLEY MOSS: THE LADY BEHIND THE BRUSH, which follows Pat’s life story with archival photos and video, along with interviews with her family, close associates, and P. Buckley Moss Society and Foundation officers.

World-renowned artist P. Buckley Moss overcame a learning challenge, tough criticisms, and pressures from the modern art culture to inspire others with her resilience and the ability to find joy in the simple and commonplace.

P. BUCKLEY MOSS: THE LADY BEHIND THE BRUSH follows Pat’s early life as she struggled in school, her later triumphs at Cooper Union, and her days as a short order cook at Mill Rift in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania where she met her future husband Jack Moss. The special talks with her children and examines how her career and family grew as they moved from New York to Texas and Waynesboro, Virginia. It follows her public and private life as her fame spread across the U.S. to Japan and to Italy. Along with her fame came her commitment to empower children who suffer with learning differences.

P. BUCKLEY MOSS: THE LADY BEHIND THE BRUSH was produced by Shari Pennington.