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Channel, Cable & Satellite and Other Updates

DirecTV & Dish Network in the

Northern Shenandoah Valley (Update)


A message from WVPT station manager, Tony Mancari to viewers who
can no longer see WVPT in the northern Shenandoah Valley on Direct &
Dish. (This area is known as the Hagerstown / Washington D.C. 
designated market area.)


All WVPT programming remains available in the northern

Shenandoah Valley area on Comcast and Shentel cable, and

online ON DEMAND anytime at






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RE:Dream Initiative
WVPT has received a grant from KCPT, Kansas City Public Television, to help engage members of our community. In order to do this WVPT is hosting what we are calling RE:Dream parties. This campain is working to engage our community by bringing awareness of the American Dream, and what this means for different groups of people. WVPT is striving to create an inclusive and friendly community with diverse cultural experiences. Not only are we striving to bring out awareness of the American Dream, but how this dream has changed in the 21st century. We are bringing a white picket fence for participants at each event to write their ideal American Dream. The white picket fence is symbolic of the 20th century American Dream, and what we hope people communicate is how that dream has changed in the 21st century. Join us in exploring different views at these upcoming events:
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WVPT is proud to announce our 3 lovely college interns for spring semester thanks to a grant given by the SVTC. Laura is a public relations intern that is working with Melissa and making daily contributions to our forms of social media! Rachel is a production intern that is working with George on certain film projects and the many things that accompany that. Lauren is a programming intern that is working with Chris on keeping our website up to date. The lovely ladies are also working on a special Re:Dream campaign! This campaign includes having Dream parties with different organizations that are coming in the near future! Our first Dream Party was at the Bridgewater Retirement Community, where we celebrated the birthdays of a few ladies that have reached the amazing age of 100, or older! One of these very special women was the founder of the Heifer project, which is now a worldwide organization that sends livestock to communities in need! Stay tuned for more updates on what these talented ladies have in store for the rest of the semester, and to find the dates for the rest of our Re:Dream parties!


Intern Laura

Laura attends James Madison University and is a senior double major in Media Arts and Design and Communication Studies. Laura enjoys reading, writing, volunteering, and exploring the downtown gems and the beautiful recreational opportunities that Harrisonburg has to offer. Laura’s favorite part of working at WVPT as an intern is working on the events WVPT puts together in order to bring our community closer together. Additionally, running the social media accounts has allowed her to research a variety of new and noteworthy subjects related to public media, PBS, and education to share with our followers. The interns have received the official project overview and brand standards for the RE:Dream project, and are actively working to push this information into our social media platforms.



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Intern Lauren

Lauren is a junior at Bridgewater College and is a Communication Studies major with a double minor in Biology and Equine Science. Lauren enjoys horseback riding, reading, working on the family farm, riding four-wheelers, shopping, and playing with her puppy. Lauren’s favorite part of working as an intern at WVPT is all of the useful tools she is learning for her future. Not only does she feel she is working with amazing people, but she is also learning to update the website using software that she never has before, and is getting to see all aspects of how a news studio runs.

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Intern Rachel

Rachel is a Sophomore at Bridgewater College and is a double major in Communication Studies and Global Studies. Rachel enjoys writing, dancing, videography, and social media. Rachel’s favorite part of working as an intern at WVPT is getting to see what goes into the production and creative aspects of television. She is someone who wants to go into the television production career, and having hands on experience is both extremely valuable and exciting! Rachel also enjoys getting to know all of the awesome people who work in production at WVPT.

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hey virginia colorHEY VIRGINIA 
Airs the fourth Thursday of each month and highlights events taking place the following month. Hosted by Kate Martin from Q10

This new show is produced by WVPT and informs viewers about upcoming events, explores the region's fascinating locales, people, stories and serves as a platform for local artists, musicians, and all things "Virginia." Presented in a fun and exciting way, HEY VIRGINIA offers a fresh perspective on tomorrow’s adventures. Your Community. Your story. The focus and scope of HEY VIRGINIA mainly features regions in and around Harrisonburg, Staunton, and Charlottesville.


  • Informs viewers of “What is happening in their region.” Whether it be concerts, exhibits, Festivals, or attractions.
    All Virginia. All the time.

  • HEY VIRGINIA promotes and builds our online presence as segments of the show are heavily shared through social media entities. 
    IE: Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and so on.

  • This program connects WVPT with other groups and organizations and serve as an aggregate for discussions on new projects and ways we can assist the community.
  • Through fresh storytelling and presentation, this show appeals to younger demographics and a multitude of new donors and supporters throughout the region. 
  • HEY VIRGINIA is interactive with the community around us. With a goal of having viewers and fans sending us content, either through video’s pictures or stories.

Where No Community Calendar Has Gone Before!

HEY VIRGINIA is a monthly 30-minute program that spotlights up and coming events, interviews artists, promoters, directors, coordinators, etc. who are viable parts of the community in the Shenandoah Valley and beyond. It offers a diverse snapshot of events that generates interest for all ages. It shines a light on the vibrant community in which we live and work, and is a beacon for what is happening socially and culturally in this amazing region we call home. The show is broken into segments and distributed online to further the show’s footprint. It also features content from its viewers and fans to make HEY VIRGINIA a truly interactive experience. The show is presented in a signature style that is both fun and entertaining.


Your Hostess
Kate Martin is the current host of the live middays show on 100.7 Q101 here in the Valley as well as the afternoon traffic reporter for many of the stations here. She hails from Oklahoma where she has spent the last 10 years working at various stations and in multiple markets for TV and radio. Her voice has been heard nationwide for commercials both local and National.

Watch clips from the show


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