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 October 2015 Primetime Schedule (Printable Grid)
 October 2015 Create Schedule (Printable Grid)

Virginia Voices
Friday, October 2nd at 9 pm

The first state-specific, crowdsourced film of its kind. From 2013 to 2014, BPI film producer Jeff Boedeker and his crew traveled across Virginia to gather stories from Virginians. In tandem, video cameras were sent out across the state for Virginians to capture their own stories for this film


Burt Bacharach and David Hal: The Library of Congress Gershwin
Prize for Popular Song in Performance at the White House
Friday, October 2nd at 9 pm

This program celebrates the recipients of the fourth Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song, Burt Bacharach and his writing partner, Hal David. Luminaries from the songwriting and recording industry perform highlights from the Bacharach/David songbook.

P.O.V. - Ai Weiwei: The Fake Case
Friday, October 2nd at 10 pm

This program celebrates the recipients of the fourth Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song, Burt Bacharach and his writing partner, Hal David. Luminaries from the songwriting and recording industry perform highlights from the Bacharach/David songbook.

Conquering the Dragon: Breast Cancer Survivors Race for Life
Sunday, October 4th at 4 pm

Conquering the Dragon: Breast Cancer Survivors Race for Life is a documentary about breast cancer survivors reaching for the stars and creating triumph out of tragedy, never letting up in their determined fight against the dragon. In their quest to regain their lives, thousands of breast cancer survivors around the world discovered Dragon Boat Racing, a very demanding water sport, requiring mental and physical toughness that has became the ultimate team competition among survivors. The compelling stories of these survivors coupled with their struggles to cross the finish line, results in a vivid image of life and survival: What was once the dragon that almost took their lives has morphed into the dragon that saved their souls.

All in the Same Boat: Stories of Breast Cancer Survivors
Sunday, October 4th at 5:30 pm

ALL IN THE SAME BOAT is a half hour program about a dragon boat team whose members are all breast cancer survivors, and how that "twist" in their lives prompted them to embark on a journey "all in the same. " Save Our Sisters (SOS) is the only breast cancer survivors' dragon boat racing team in Miami and consists of an extraordinary team of women, from diverse backgrounds and ages. The inspirational story begins as the team trains for their biggest dragon boat race yet - The Breast Cancer Survivor World Cup Championship in April 2009. The stories of courage, hope and friendship will unfold as the team prepares for this challenge and their message is clear, it's not just a race to the finish line, it's a race against breast cancer.

homefires s

Home Fires on Masterpiece
Sundays at 8 pm, October 4th - November 8th

Witness the bitter rivalry between Samantha Bond ("Downton Abbey") and Francesca Annis ("Reckless") to control the Women's Institute in a rural English town as it struggles with the onset of World War II. 

widower s

The Widower
Sundays at 10 pm, October 4th - October 18th

This is the true story of Malcolm Webster, a nurse by profession and, on the surface, a perfect gentleman: well-spoken, personable and charming. He's also a spendthrift and killer. He marries, and then attempts to kill, a succession of women to cash in their life insurance policies. 

pbsarts s


2015 PBS Arts Fall Festival
Fridays at 9 pm beginning October 9th

The fifth season of the PBS Arts Fall Festival, hosted by international music superstar Gloria Estefan, premieres October 9 with an exquisite line-up of programsboth on-air and online. Now a fall evening tradition, it has reached a robust audience of more than 45 million viewers since its conception in 2011.
The PBS Arts Fall Festival underscores PBS’ ongoing commitment to giving audiences a front row seat and backstage pass to the bestarts performances
from around the globe
unity s
Friday, October 9th at 9 pm

Hear Latin-infused arrangements of iconic songs such as "Smooth Criminal," "I Want You Back" and "Billie Jean" in this concert special hosted by Sheila E, featuring award-winning Latin artists.

marytylermoore s

Mary Tyler Moore - A Celebration
Tuesday, October 13th at 8 pm

View dozens of classic TV and movie clips and hear comments from Moore's co-stars and Moore herself. Oprah Winfrey recounts Moore's critical role in inspiring her - and millions of others - as TV's first independent career woman.

Tuesday, October 13th at 9:00 pm

Discover new archeological evidence that suggests Troy and the Trojan War may be more than myth. If the legendary siege did happen, was there really a wooden horse that brought enemy soldiers inside the fortified city?

brain s

Brain with David Eagleman
Wednesdays at 10 pm, October 14th - November 18th

Neuroscientist Eagleman explores the human brain in a series that reveals the ultimate story of us, why we feel and think the things we do. The project blends science with innovative visual effects and compelling stories, and addresses big questions.

Video Clips:

Messing with Reality
Brain City
Why Time Seems to Slow When We Are in Extremes
Alternate Realities: Synesthesia 
showboat s
Friday, October 16th at 9 pm

Relish this groundbreaking musical about love and heartbreak, performed by the New York Philharmonic and featuring Vanessa Williams,Julian Ovenden, Fred Willard, Norm Lewis, Jane Alexander and Lauren Worsham.

bloodyirish s

The Bloody Irish! Songs of the 1916 Uprising
Saturday, October 17th at 8 pm

Join a stellar cast in commemoration of the Dublin Easter Rising of 1916. This compelling piece of musical theatre portrays the rebellion of Irish men and women against 300 years of British rule, fueled by songs expressing their desire for freedom.

ericclapton s

Eric Clapton: Slowhand at 70 - Live at the Royal Albert Hall
Saturday, October 17th at 10 pm

Celebrate the legendary guitarist's 70th birthday with this concert in London's iconic Royal Albert Hall, featuring Clapton classics including "Wonderful Tonight," "Layla" and "Tears in Heaven."


School Sleuth: The Case of the Wired Classroom
Sunday, October 18th at 2 pm

Hear from the "School Sleuth" (John Merrow) about the uses and misuses of technology in America's classrooms. The film noir character does his sleuthing in schools in California, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Oregon, New York, New Jersey and elsewhere.


Second Opinion - CPR in America
Sunday, October 18th at 3 pm

90% of people who suffer out-of-hospital cardiac arrests die. Receiving immediate CPR can double or triple a person's chance of survival. But 70% of Americans feel helpless because they don't know CPR or they're afraid of hurting the victim. CPR IN AMERICA aims to change that. Second Opinion has partnered with the American Heart Association to produce a special with one key teach all of America Hands-Only CPR! The special will be released in coordination with the brand-new CPR guidelines that will be released amidst great publicity on Thursday, October, 15, 2015. This groundbreaking special will include documentary-style patient stories, a studio audience of survivors and rescuers, interviews with doctors who were involved in drafting the new guidelines, and easy to follow Hands-Only CPR demonstrations.


Papers: Stories of Undocumented Youth
Sunday, October 18th at 4 pm

"Papers" is the story of undocumented youth and the challenges they face as they turn 18 without legal status. Eleven million undocumented immigrants live in the United States. Of those, four and a half million were brought to the U.S. as children. These are young people who were educated in American schools, hold American values, know only the U.S. as home and who, upon high school graduation, find the door to their future slammed shut. 65,000 undocumented students graduate every year from high school without "papers." It is against the law to work or drive. It is difficult, if not impossible in some states, to attend college. They live at risk of arrest, detention and deportation to countries they may not even remember. Currently, there is no path to citizenship for most of these young people. Graham Street Productions produced this film in association with El Grupo Juvenil (the "Papers" Youth Crew). These youth producers were actively involved in all aspects of the production. They have worked in collaboration with immigrant youth around the country who want to tell their stories and change immigration policy.


The Forgotten Plague - American Experience
Tuesday, October 20th at 8 pm

Tuberculosis is the deadliest killer in human history, responsible for one in four deaths for almost two centuries. While it shaped medical pursuits, social habits, economic development and public policy, TB and its impact are poorly understood.

immigration s

Frontline - Immigration Battle
Tuesday, October 20th at 9 pm

Gain insight into the hard-fought battles and secret negotiations over immigration reform on Capitol Hill. Examine President Obama's push for policy changes that could affect the fate of millions and define for decades what it means to be American.

ethanbortnick s

Ethan Bortnick Live in Concert: The Power of Music
Thursday, October 22nd at 8 pm

The captivating family music special Ethan Bortnick Live in Concert: The Power of Music features the amazing 13-year-old composer, pianist,and entertainer Ethan Bortnick, accompanied by a 50-piece orchestra, 4-piece band, and the 120-member Kids Choir, in a program that had the live audience dancing in the aisles! Presented by WTTW National Productions, this is a top concert special that matches the content of the touring live music show. Ethan performs with passion and heart - his fingers fly across the piano keys in "Minute Waltz," and the audience rocks out to "Rock Around the Clock," claps to the beat of "Lean On Me," and participates in a very enthusiastic sing-along of "Crocodile Rock." Ethan brings back memories with the Beatles' "Ob-La Di, Ob-La Da" and "Here Comes the Sun" and even more poignant memories with "You Make Me Feel So Young". You will get chills when you hear "The Earth Song," and will feel the real power of music when Ethan performs an emotional and inspiring rendition of "We Are the World" as the finale with a standing ovation. Beyond his gifts as a consummate performer and musician, Ethan Bortnick is a driven humanitarian, too. This moving special highlights his belief that music has a higher purpose -- an ability to emotionally connect people, encourage them to help others, and ultimately, affect change in the world, as presented in his own eloquent composition "Anything is Possible." Through his music, Ethan has already helped raise more than $30 million for charities and other causes across the world. Ethan Bortnick is the youngest performer ever to headline his own international concert tour, and he has so far appeared in more than 200 concerts in the United States, Canada, Brazil, South Africa and Australia. This special showcases Ethan's amazing talent, passion for music, and generous spirit...all at the age of 12!

billyelliot s
Friday, October 23rd at 9 pm

Enjoy a special celebration performance of Elton John's Tony-winning musical from London's West End about a young boy in a North East England mining community and his journey from the boxing ring to the ballet barre, based on the popular 2000 film.

guilty s

Sundays at 10 pm, October 25th - November 8th

Follow DCI Maggie Brand (Tamsin Greig) as she leads a new investigation into the five-year-old case of a boy's disappearance during a neighborhood cookout. Driven by her obsession to discover what happened, she risks her own happy family life.


War of the Worlds - American Experience
Tuesday, October 27th at 8 pm

With the CBS radio broadcast of Orson Welles' "War of the Worlds" serving as its narrative spine, the film examines the elements that together created one of the biggest mass hysteria events in U.S. history. Public outcry, forever immortalized in thousands of letters written to CBS, the FCC and Mr. Welles himself, are dramatized in on-camera interviews, bringing to life the people who listened that night to the broadcast and thought it was either awfully good fun or the end of the world.

elfman s
Friday, October 30th at 9 pm

Savor performances of the macabre yet merry scores of music by Danny Elfman for films made in collaboration with Tim Burton (Batman, Beetlejuice, The Nightmare Before Christmas).

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Tips for Parents

Tips on Watching Television with Children
Transform couch potatoes into jumping beans by becoming active learners rather than passive viewers!

Why Watch TV Together?

  • It encourages family interaction.
  • It provides information of interest.
  • It helps to establish guidelines for what and how much to watch.
  • It promotes making good choices.
  • Parents are more fully aware of choices available.

How to Choose a Program. Have a plan!

  • Does it encourage critical thinking?
  • Does it inspire, teach, motivate or entertain appropriately?
  • Does it reflect your expectations and values?
  • Does it reflect your expectations and values?
  • Does it broaden and enrich your horizons?

How to Watch Television:

  • Stay alert and interactive.
  • Encourage your children to watch with the eye of a critic.
  • Ask questions.
  • Create alternative endings.
  • Develop imagination and critical thinking by contrasting and comparing.
  • Participate in songs and games from the program.
  • When the program is over, get off the couch.

For more information concerning broadcast, cable, telephone and Internet issues, that will be of particular interest to parents and caregivers as they make choices that involve children, please visit the FCC's new "Parents' Place" at

Tips on Reading Aloud to Children

Why read aloud?
Would you like for your child to:

  • be a successful reader?
  • solve problems?
  • be self-confident?
  • be creative?
  • be successful in school?

If "Yes" is the answer, read to your child. It encourages cognitive growth, emotional growth, and social growth!

How to choose a book:

  • Look for an old favorite.
  • Choose one that your child likes.
  • Look at the illustrations.
  • Find a favorite author.
  • Visit the library.
  • Read a review on the Internet.
  • Read about a topic that everyone enjoys.

How to read aloud:

  • Get comfy.
  • Make sure that everyone can see the text and the illustrations.
  • Be enthusiastic.
  • Vary voice level, pitch, and timbre.
  • Personify story characters as you read.
  • Help your child to anticipate and predict the storyline.
  • Read again and again and again.

For more advice and thousands of educational activities dedicated to helping parents and caregivers raise children who are ready to learn, please visit

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When it snows outside, I stay inside and take a long nap! But I must have some honey, first.

I am always busy. If I'm not at home, I am at parades or other events. I enjoy meeting people and making new friends. I cannot wait to meet you!

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